This level is occupied by a vast 700 m2 hall that can be used for seminars, receptions and dinners, and includes space for temporary kitchens (around 200 m2).
→ Detailed description of the Foyer du Lac and the Mezzanine du Lac.

Located on the lake side and opening out onto a 150 space car park, the Aula Magna conference entrance includes a 150 m2 hall which leads into the various zones at the back of the building. There are also two small 25 m2 offices and a cloak room. This entrance provides a private reception area for seminars for 50 to 250 people in the Foyer Royal or the Foyer du Lac.
→ Detailed description of the Conference entrance.


Besides the Foyer du Lac mezzanine, this level includes 3 seminar rooms (Biéreau, Bruyère and Hocaille with space for around 80 people), a 40 m2 lobby and the Lauzelle room (a 225 m2 area underneath the entrance hall) that can be used as a large seminar room (for around 120 people) or a large dressing room.
→ Detailed description of the seminar rooms.

The main feature of this level is its light and generous dimensions. The entire area is glazed, including the lifts to the upper floors. Two monumental staircases also lead to the upper floors and two small side staircases lead to level -1 (cloak rooms, toilets and seminar rooms). The total area of level 0 is around 2,100 m2 (1,700 m2 of useable space) which is divided into two levels separated by a wide flight of stairs (around 10 steps).
→ Detailed description of the hall.

The Foyer Royal, which is around 200 m2, is entirely glazed and has a view over the lake. It can be accessed by two side doors on level 1 and by panoramic lifts. It is adjoined by an office and some toilets.
→ Detailed description of the Foyer Royal.

The stage is 24 m x 16 m (380 m2) and has a fully equipped stage house (19 m high) above it enabling scene changes. It also has an acoustic shell for an orchestra. There are dressing rooms, service stairs and a hoist on each side of the stage.
→ Detailed description of the stage and theatre.

The Foyer supérieur is occupied by the University.
→ Detailed description of Louvain House.

This vast 6.75 x 1.98 m platform enables loads of up to 3,000 kg to be lifted from the ring road at level -2 to stage level (+1).